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Bad day scenario

Your data backup has been failing for 2-3 days because your current IT people haven't been paying attention to it.  The next morning a hacker or virus encrypts your data.  Guess what?  You and/or your staff has just lost 3 days of productivity.  How will that effect your bottom line?

Don’t let it happen to you!!!  Call BYTE BALANCE, LLC...

Greg Boomershine

Getting right to the point...

Are your computers slow or crashing?
Are your files backed up every day?
Are you protected from hackers and infections?
Are your computer people slow to respond?

We can help!

Remember...downtime and data loss = productivity loss = profit loss...

Greg Boomershine

What is help desk procrastination?

Help desk procrastination occurs when an employee has a computer problem, but is too busy to pick up the phone and dial a call center.  Although frustrated, the user prefers to wait and live with the problem because it's easier than the alternative.

This should be particularly alarming to a business owner as the issue may be preventing them from doing the very job for which they are being paid. This phenomenon is very common within busy small businesses.  Is it happening in your office?

Greg Boomershine
Let's talk plainly...

A friend recently suggested that rather than talking so much "geek" to folks who are interested in my services, rather just speak plainly.  He was right...

IT stands for Information Technology, but I like to think of it as ITP.  Information Technology & People. That's what it's really all about; People! People trying to use a tool that doesn't always work right, but when it does it helps to make their business more successful.

So here are some questions for you:
Where is your pain when it comes to computers and technology?  
What are you frustrated with?  
What confuses you?
What concerns do you have about how technology integrates with your business?  

What can I clear up for you over a cup of coffee one day?  

Email me at office@bytebalance.com and let me know.  I promise to get back to you immediately.  

Greg Boomershine

What defines a great IT professional in the small business world?

Many people believe that as long as you are good with computers, then you have what it takes to be a successful IT professional.  That's not always the case.  At least not in the small business world anyway.

After many years of working with small businesses, I have devised a formula for the qualities which an engineer must absolutely have in order to keep clients happy.  These are as follows:

1) Technical ability
2) People skills
3) Basic business sense

Technical ability

This is fairly obvious.  The engineer has to know their craft.  They need to be born with a general aptitude for fixing things and/or figuring things out. They have to appreciate the power of technology.  They need to be the type of person that enjoys working with technology all day and then goes home at night to tinker some more.  A good problem solver is a must.  It also helps to have almost endless persistence in the drive to find a solution to a technical problem.

People skills

This one will probably scare some IT people.  However, it's true!  You have to be able to talk to people, work with people and make them like you. I guarantee that if a client does not like an engineer, either the engineer will not be around for long or the client will not be around for long. Obviously the later is just not acceptable.  I won't go in to the complete array of what it means to have people skill.  Whole books have been written about the topic. The bottom line is that the engineer has to build a strong relationship with the client.  This is absolutely essential...

Basic business sense

The first two will get you close.  However if an engineer cannot communicate (for example) with their clients, co-workers, bosses, etc, you have a big problem.  This is probably the most common shortcoming that I have found (in all professions for that matter).  The engineer also needs to be able to write a legible email, be able to prioritize, schedule, take initiative, be creative, be redundant in double checking their work, be careful, work quickly, thoroughly think through projects before hand, be proactive and so forth...

Back to communication...  I developed a rule for myself years ago.  If a client reaches out to me via phone or email, I always drop whatever I am doing and take their call or respond to their email immediately.  (This is a good rule to use when your boss calls you as well, by the way).  Even if you are driving down the road, find a parking lot as soon as possible!

The best IT engineer is well rounded.  They will go the extra mile for their client.  They will show them that they care.  They over deliver. Most of all, they will provide Premium Customer Service to their clients...

Greg Boomershine

How many old (platter) hard drives do you still have running in your office?

If any, they are degrading the productivity of the employees that are using them.  Thereby effecting your bottom line.  It would benefit your staff greatly to all be running on solid state hard drives (SSD).  They boot and run much faster.  Increasing productivity greatly!

If a computer is not over 3 years old, we can clone the image from an existing platter drive over to a SSD in about an hour.  When it boots up after, it will have all of the software and settings it had before.

Old platter hard drive
(moving parts)

Solid state hard drive
(no moving parts)


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